Know Thine Enemy - Panthers Edition

Hi Gang! (Don't let the false enthusiasm fool you.) So I was about to just write "FML" about 100 times to meet the fanpost word requirement, but decided that might sound a little morose. So instead, I'll ask you guys if there's anything you want to ask us guys, and we'll leave it at that. On second thought that doesn't elicit much response, so I'll continue this lunacy...

But seriously (actually that was sorta serious), things couldn't have gone much worse for us Thursday night, as you no doubt sat there in your recliners laughing at our misfortune. In that, I guess the book is out. We are going to play a cover four zone and get zero pressure while Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Shane Falco, etc, carve us up to the tune of 30 completions, 30 first downs, 35+ points, and then we'll self-implode on offense calling a variety of east/west gimmickry.

But for super serious this time, if you have any nice/innocent questions you want to ask then we would be happy to answer them. If you feel the need to kick us while we are down in light of what has happened Thursday, and what is likely to happen Sunday, then shame on you. (You know I'm just kidding. We can take a joke, but don't talk about Cam being cray cray.)

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