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One Falcon To Watch: Julio Jones

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I wouldn't bet against Julio Jones when he's wroth, and that dude is straight up wroth.

Jones, like Roddy White, has rarely had a problem motivating himself. He's supremely talented but also has the swagger that comes from knowing you're great. The flip side of that coin is that sometimes you look pedestrian, and you have to square that way with yourself. A guy like Jones? I would bet dollars to doughnuts he's going to come out after a four catch, 14 yard performance against the Broncos playing mad as hell.

There's reason to believe he'll be more successful. The Broncos were effective because they were able to get a safety to help out with Julio and rotate Champ Bailey on to him at times, effectively shutting him down and daring the Falcons to beat them elsewhere. That may be the blueprint for teams to stop Jones, but are they really going to key in on him every week with so many other weapons at Matt Ryan's disposal. I say no.

The Chargers have a capable secondary and can get the terrific Eric Weddle involved, but I think this week Julio goes back to causing carnage. Expect him to lead the team in receiving yards and receptions, at minimum, and make a big dent.

Do you agree?