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The New And Improved Falcoholic Is On Its Way

Trust me: In this case, change is good.

After years squirreled away in a laboratory, developers and nuclear physicists at SB Nation have developed SB Nation United. It's not just a new coat of paint on the 300-plus blogs that make up the network. It's a re-imagining of what a sports blog can and should be.

Under United, important posts won't slide their way down the page just because newer content has been posted. Instead, under the new format, we have the flexibility to ensure you're seeing the best content with a modern design, while cutting down on the clutter. You'll also have the exact same experience whether you're on your desktop or your mobile device, which I can only assume will be a big plus for those of you on Androids and iPhones.

Because the community is really the reason I do this, I was thrilled to know that they're not taking away FanPosts or FanShots, either. I'll still have the ability to promote your great stuff to the front page, and you'll still have the ability to write articles for your fellow fans. That's not changing one bit. And did we mention the new site can julienne carrots?

Let's hit the jump for more on SB Nation United.

This is a look at how a typical cover page might look. You'll note that we have the ability, now, to feature multiple stories at once.


This means you won't have to scroll down any longer to see an important story that is no longer chronologically the most current. We'll be able to mix and match content to give you the kind of experience you've dreamed of. Yes, I know your dreams.

There will be a lot more to talk about and unveil very soon, when SB Nation United is unleashed upon the world. Until then, feel free to ask questions and I'll answer what I can.

This is not a change you'll need to fear. We'll want to hear your feedback, but trust me: This is going to deliver a better, faster-loading experience for every single one of you. And isn't that what you'd all like from The Falcoholic?