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One Falcon To Watch: William Moore

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An unusual pick, you might say, but you might not be aware that Willy Mo always ready.

William Moore will be a key player in this game because of the way the game is exceedingly likely to unfold. Peyton Manning will throw all over the place, all day, and he'll have at least some success against the Falcons. The key to stopping him is going to be getting after him, forcing a couple of turnovers and getting in the way of a few of those passes. The player best suited to do all three is unquestionably Moore.

You saw this last week, when Moore flashed all-around terrific skills and came up with seven tackles, a pass deflection, an interception and some nice stops up by the line of scrimmage in the run game. He's simply become a difference maker on defense, and the Falcons' cornerbacks are going to need a little help taking care of the Broncos in this one. C4 can get it done, and I expect he'll be a standout here.

Who's your pick for player to watch?