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Whatcha Want: Receiving Depth Like Whoa

Fact: Ryan + Douglas = BFFs this week
Fact: Ryan + Douglas = BFFs this week

In this series, we'll discuss one position-specific battle I expect the Falcons to exploit in the upcoming game. This week we're tackling Denver's secondary depth versus our receiving depth.

Our receiving corps is preeeeeeeeeeetty good. Not just pretty good, better than that. They're preeeeeeeeeeetty good. That said, Denver's secondary is more than capable. Tracy Porter and Champ Bailey will certainly have their hands full with Roddy White and Julio Jones. But it's not a challenge either will back down from.

After Bailey and Porter, Denver isn't as solid - and ideally, we will take advantage of that.

Still to be figured out, though, is who will play in the Broncos’ nickel package. With defensive back Chris Harris bothered by a sore ankle and questionable for the game, Denver may turn to rookie Omar Bolden or little-used Tony Carter when another defensive back is needed.

Tony Carter may be the next Brent Grimes. He's speedy, tiny, and he went undrafted. Then again, Brent Grimesesque players don't come around every day.

Nothing against Carter, but I'm thinking he may struggle against our third and fourth receiving options. There should be some mismatches we can exploit. If our run game doesn't come around, it may be our only option.