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Saints Sign Bryce Harris

Fact: this guy is a Saint now, and that makes me nauseous
Fact: this guy is a Saint now, and that makes me nauseous

Oh no!

Not sure if y'all missed it, but the Saints signed Bryce Harris yesterday.

The Falcons lost offensive tackle Bryce Harris from their practice squad Monday after he was signed to the active roster of the Saints. Harris was an undrafted rookie free agent out of Fresno State. The Saints were in need of a tackle after placing Marcel Jones on injured reserve Friday. The Falcons still have one open spot on their practice squad.

Harris is a Fresno State product. In other words, he knew Pat Hill. I'm sure that helped. He must be a true gamer [insert skeptical glare]. Or the Saints must want to learn about Koetter's offense. Maybe it's the latter, maybe it isn't. But I'm guessing Harris' Falcons-specific knowledge didn't diminish his appeal. I mean, come on! He's the best tackle available?!

Long story short, this signing should quash any criticism of the Falcons for their similarly-asinine addition of Luke "I Suck At Life" McCown.

Is this an especially newsworthy development? Not exactly. Good news, bad news, hardly news - we don't discriminate around here.