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5 Reasons To Celebrate Week One For The Falcons

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We've had a little time to digest what happened in Week One against the Chiefs, and now it's time to go back and celebrate. Coors Light told me to!

Without further ado, let's talk the five things most worth celebrating in the first week of Falcons NFL action.

  1. Matt Ryan's continued maturation as a quarterback. I think we're only seeing the beginning of an angry, tougher Ryan running roughshod over the NFL.
  2. The weapons! The Falcons have perhaps the best one-two wide receiver punch in the NFL and plenty of other tools to use on offense besides.
  3. The offensive line looked so much better than it has of late that I almost had to rub my eyes. Only one sack allowed and tons of time in the pocket for Ryan? That's new, and I love it.
  4. The pass rush still isn't as consistent as we'd like, but in the second half they really put the screws in Matt Cassel and it showed. If they can do that for a full four quarters, we've got ourselves one hell of a defense.
  5. The safeties looked really, really good. They'll need to be with Brent Grimes out, and so that's mighty encouraging.

Call this a little sponsored dose of optimism. Do you agree with this list?