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Falcons Sign Five Players To Practice Squad

At the end of an eventful week, the Falcons filled more than half their practice squad. It's like going from fifth gear to third, but we'll take it.

In total, the Falcons added five players to the practice squad on Saturday. Two of them indicate the shakiness surrounding the fourth and fifth receiver roles for the Falcons, while the other three just will serve as depth in case of injury and possible future contributors. I'm okay with that.

Without further ado, we'll run them down:

  • WR Drew Davis. The runner-up to Kevin Cone, Davis has good size and speed, but disappeared throughout the pre-season. If he can ever turn that potential into production, he's got a good shot of contributing as a fourth or fifth receiver for the Falcons. Otherwise, he's an injury hedge.
  • WR Marcus Jackson. Jackson exploded in one pre-season game and was silent for the rest. The explosion was enough to get him a look on the practice squad. He has quality athleticism and fairly sure hands, but will need a little marinating before he's fully ready to contribute. Certainly worth a flier for the Falcons.
  • OT Bryce Harris. At 6'6" and 300 pounds, Harris probably need to add a little weight and work on his footwork. For a team with serious questions around offensive tackle, his size/strength combination makes him worth a practice squad spot.
  • DT Micanor Regis. Regis looked pretty good in limited pre-season action but didn't really stand out. With the Falcons one injury away from having a three man depth chart at defensive tackle, the solid Regis was a natural fit.
  • CB Peyton Thompson. Showed well on special teams and has at least a little upside as a cornerback. I like Thompson quite a bit as a long-term project, so I'm glad the Falcons took a shot.

Your thoughts on how the practice squad is shaping up?