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Lawrence Sidbury's Future with the Atlanta Falcons

Fact: Jay Cutler felt this
Fact: Jay Cutler felt this

It's time. It is time. Time for Sidbury to take it to the next level. Time for him to show us what he's worth. Time for him to solidify his future in red and black.

2012 is a very important year for El Sid.

The Falcons defensive end is entering his fourth season, the final of his $2.28 million rookie contract, and can be a free agent after the year. He continues to fight for playing time, along with newly re-signed Kroy Biermann, behind John Abraham and Ray Edwards. Sidbury also faces a challenge from the likes of rookie Jonathan Massaquoi, a fifth-round draft pick, in his attempt at a bigger role in the Falcons defense.

So what's in store for him? I'll be honest, he's talented, but he's not that talented. He's not going to start for any reputable team in the near future. However, he can be a valuable role player, cut from the same mold as fellow Falcon Kroy Biermann. If he continues to improve and comes close to emulating his 2011 campaign, the Falcons brass will likely find a roster spot for him. But Massaquoi could complicate all that. Sidbury won't necessarily be the odd man out, but he could be.

What do y'all think? Discuss!