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News & Notes From Training Camp

Asante Samuel is good at making fans laugh. Also, football.
Asante Samuel is good at making fans laugh. Also, football.

The Falcons continue on with their standard training camp regimen (which is typically open to the public if you live nearby). Today we saw a couple big plays, some added swagger and even a few laughs here and there. Here are some of my takeaways:

  • Asante Samuel is an extremely vocal player, and maybe this is something the Falcons need. He constantly runs his mouth and seems to pump of the rest of the defense as he goes. Samuel picked a pass off while jumping a route over the middle at one point, started running toward the sidelines and then proceeded to run down the line of fans giving everyone a high five. People love it. It seems that this is a new way of doing things around Flowery Branch, and I think this boost in energy will benefit the entire squad.
  • Julio is still a freak of nature. Nothing to see here.
  • Roddy White took part in blocking and passing drills. Meaning he was the blocker and the passer. He actually threw a nice spiral, but I think he'll stick to receiving.
  • Dominique Davis completed about two pretty nice throws, which is two more than JPW had.
  • The screen game still needs work. Obviously this is a process.
  • Matt Ryan put an absolutely beautiful pass right in Julio's hands for about 40 yards. I'm anxious to hear critics continue to criticize his deep ball.
  • Christopher Owens has a hamstring injury and will not be rushed back, Mike Smith said. He noted that these issues tend to linger (see: Julio Jones 2011), and they want to make sure he's ready when he returns.
  • Smith also said the starters will play a quarter or more on Thursday against Baltimore. No one seems to buy that, but that's apparently the plan right now.

Thoughts? Anyone who was out there today, what did you think of practice?