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Asante Samuel Leads Like a Leader Should

Fact: these guys need a swag upgrade
Fact: these guys need a swag upgrade

I've been on an Asante Samuel kick as of late. Friday we talked about his ability to defend the go route. Yesterday we talked about his insane route reading ability. Tonight we're going to discuss his leadership.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Samuel is all about accountability on the field. If you're not doing your job, then he's going to call you on it.

When Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff traded a seventh-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for cornerback Asante Samuel, he knew he was getting a veteran corner with big-play capability. He may not have known, however, that Samuel was also going to be the loudest guy on the defense.

"You can't be within 100 yards of the practice field in Atlanta without hearing Samuel chirping about who's making plays and who isn't," wrote Albert Breer of

I don't believe that his skills are in steep decline. But even if they were, even if they were declining at all, he'd be the first person to hold himself accountable, because that's who he is. Like Moore says in the above-cited article, he's a swag upgrade.