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Falcons Start Cuts By Releasing Nine Players

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Alex Welch will have something more in-depth later, I'm sure, with updated cuts. I'll also have in-depth thoughts later.

For now, know this: The AJC reports that the Falcons have cut a total of nine players, bringing them that much closer to the final 53. Here's the list:

  • LB Rico Council
  • T Bryce Harris
  • LB Spencer Adkins
  • DT Conrad Obi
  • CB Dominique Franks
  • LB Pat Schiller
  • C Tyler Horn
  • TE LaMark Brown
  • WR Drew Davis

The biggest surprises are Franks and Adkins, both of whom had been with the team for multiple years and had drawn significant playing time once or twice in the last season. The rest are either camp bodies or prospects who couldn't quite make the cut.

Of course, "final" is a misnomer, because the Falcons will almost certainly peer at the detritus left by other teams and perhaps pick up a couple of players. For now, though, this is where we stand.

What do you think of the cuts?