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Who Will Be The No. 5 Receiver?

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As we head into tomorrow night's matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the No. 5 receiver spot on the Falcons depth chart is still up for grabs.

Whoever wins this competition will have to be a solid contributor on special teams. Don't get caught up in looking strictly at the receiving numbers this preseason.

No one has really separated from the group, but there been some stand out performances here and there. At first Drew Davis and Kevin Cone were the front-runners. Cone suffered a concussion and did not play last week. He is listed as the fifth receiver along with Davis on the official depth chart for the game in Jacksonville, so we'll see if he can make something happen, assuming he plays.

Tim Toone made a statement in Miami by hauling in a touchdown pass from Dominique Davis, as well as showing a few moves in punt return action. The former Mr. Irrelevant is now attempting to make his fourth pro team, and seems to be winning a fair share of the fan vote at this juncture.

James Rodgers and Marcus Jackson round of the list of candidates as far as the depth chart goes. Rodgers can be effective in the return game, but those costly drops against the Bengals two weeks ago really stand out in my mind. Jackson has shown potential, so a big game in the final week of preseason could really put him into consideration.

To me it seems like Davis will get the nod, simply because he's been leaving an impression on coaches in practice, and he has a year with the team on the practice squad. Cone was my pick, but I'm not sure where the concussion leaves him. I'm still not to the point where I'm ready to make a decision, though, so I'll leave it up to you guys. Who will be the No. 5 receiver going into the regular season?