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The Final Falcons Pre-Season Game And Playing Time

The Atlanta Falcons are heading into their fourth and final pre-season game against the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. There are many storylines heading in, but leading the pack is...whether the starters are going to play.

According to the mothership, Mike Smith says he hasn't decided on playing time for his 75 players yet, despite the fact that he almost certainly has locked down playing time for about 70 of them. Such is the mysterious way of Smitty.

So for the sake of argument, let's assume Smith is really still deciding who's going to get some run. I'd rather the Falcons sat every starter and let the backups duel it out for jobs, in the interest of both finishing off those training camp battles and keeping the starters healthy for as long as humanly possible. Your mileage may vary.

It'll have to pass for suspense. Do you think the starters get any time in this one?