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Toone Time: Former Mr. Irrelevant No Longer Unknown To Falcons Fans

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Raise your hand if you thought the Falcons would sign Tim Toone to a contract between now and last year.

Me either.

(Jay Adams has a nice article on Toone here)

That didn't stop Toone from going from long shot to make the team to the potential favorite to land the coveted fifth WR spot on the Falcons roster on Friday, thanks in part to an awesome throw and catch from backup QB Dominique Davis.

Built in a similar mold to the Patriots' Wes Welker, Toone used his speed to secure the game-sealing touchdown against the Dolphins on Friday night.

There is still an open competition for the #5 receiver spot - and perhaps #4 as well - and headed into Friday night's game against the Dolphins, there was no clear favorite to win either spot. Players with promise, such as Kevin Cone and Drew Davis, couldn't hold onto passes that were very accurately placed more often than not.

"When things get tough, the tough get going," they tell me. Neither Cone, nor Davis, nor James Rodgers were able to get anything going in the waning moments of the Dolphins game. In fact, among the three of them. there were only two targets, one to Rodgers and one to Davis. Neither were able to catch the ball.

Toone was targeted twice, but he made the most of his opportunity. He knows a thing or two about opportunities - this could be his last chance to stick with an NFL roster - and while he was a virtual unknown to Falcons fans before the game, Toone appears to have an inside track to swipe the #5 WR spot right out from under the usual suspects, not only for his receiving skills, but also his special teams ability.

After his touchdown on Friday, is Toone now suddenly the favorite to win the final WR spot?