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What Has Changed Since The Falcons Cut Down To 75

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In all honesty, quite little.

The first round of cuts should not cause a radical change to your football team. If it does, you either signed a lot of disappointing players over the years who have never borne fruit, or your team is run by morons. Take your pick.

The Falcons don't find themselves in either bracket. Unfortunately, they had to place Corey Peters on PUP and waive/injure guys like Darrin Walls to make it happen, but those are the breaks. All the players the Falcons simply cut just won't be missed by the average fan.

Still, there are a few changes that are significant enough to warrant mention. Let's run them down with quickness:

  • John Parker Wilson is gone. Falcons fans will no longer live in fear of a catastrophic Matt Ryan and Chris Redman double injury.
  • Corey Peters on PUP. The team's depth at defensive tackle will surely be tested now.
  • Chase Coffman released. That means that LaMark Brown is likely to win the third tight end gig. With his upside, we could be talking about him again.
  • Will Svitek on injured reserve. The team's tackle depth will also be sorely tested.

In other words, with the exception of Peters, no starters went down. The team just took a couple of hits on depth and decided at least one competition in favor of better talent. Can't argue with that, even if we will miss Peters.

The much more significant cuts are coming soon, though, so stay tuned. Discuss who you think will survive to make the final roster.