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And It's Not Easy [INTERLUDE] To Be [INTERLUDE] Garrett Reynolds

Fact: Garrett Reynolds makes Matty Bryant look like a wee babe
Fact: Garrett Reynolds makes Matty Bryant look like a wee babe

He's more than a bird. He's more than a plane. He's more than some pretty face beside a train. And it's not easy to be Garrett Reynolds.

He's a freak of nature. As big as Lamar Holmes is, Reynolds isn't far behind. But he took a lot of flack last year, and the criticism was warranted. His performance against the Lions was an absolute joke. Hence why he lost his job. Despite his struggles in 2011, Reynolds remains an eager student of the game. He wants to help this team in the immediate future. Respect.

Reynolds spent the offseason working on his technique and paying attention to every little detail. According to [offensive line coach Paul] Dunn, Reynolds has one of the thickest notebooks and continues to be a student of the game.

"His fundamentals have improved tremendously just from last year to this year," Dunn said. "I think that he has worked on it and made a conscious effort to get better at it and he has …["]

At this point, he's our starter. There are obviously other options, but for now, he's it. He may not be it for long, but the kid is too legit, too legit to quit.

In my experience, in the NFL, offensive linemen either turn a corner or they plateau. When they turn a corner, they usually do it quickly. Clabo is an excellent example. Reynolds has all the potential in the world, but can he hang at left guard? I don't know, to be frank. It would seem that his chances are no better than 50-50. I'd be lying if I said I was confident in his ability.

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