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Will Svitek Will Miss 2012 Season

"Hey Matt, you're on your own this year."
"Hey Matt, you're on your own this year."

The hits keep coming for the Falcons. Today Atlanta announced that offensive tackle Will Svitek will miss the entire year with an arm injury.

This is about the last thing we all wanted to hear. Clearly the offensive line was a key area for improvement heading into 2012, and now Matt Ryan's blindside is in jeopardy, again. Sam Baker been pretty Sam Baker-like this preseason, and Lamar Holmes is a rookie. Not really the ideal options to start the season. Here's a fun stat for you:

Holmes will see extended action this Friday against the Dolphins. The team feels like they were careful enough with him as he recovered from a foot injury early on in the preseason, and this will be a real test to see if he's ready play.

Should the Falcons consider looking elsewhere for help? No free agents have been discussed, but I can't imagine it's entirely out of the question. I know the majority of you are completely against Baker ever even looking at the field, so what do you make of this situation?