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Kevin Cone Has A Concussion

The fifth-string receiver battle has been pretty lackluster in recent weeks, and now there might be even less competition going forward. Kevin Cone suffered a concussion in practice this weekend, and is now following the league's concussion protocol.

Cone has been battling Drew Davis for that final receiver spot on the depth chart, and even though Davis drew more praise in practice before this past week's game, Cone is still right there in the running.

Akeem Dent faced the same issue after the preseason opener. He was forced to miss the second game, but appears to be recovering well. He already returned to contact practice and will play against the Dolphins this week.

We'll continue to monitor Cone's situation, but this is the last thing the second-year receiver needed right now. He's an extremely hard worker, so as soon as he's cleared he'll be back at it. For now, though, Davis make some ground on the fifth slot with Cone on the sidelines.