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Falcons Waive Michael Calvin

Saaaaaaaaaaaad day at Flowery Branch. Not really, because I'm sure y'all saw this coming, at least on some level.

The kid has talent, that fact is undeniable. And his size and strength made him an intriguing prospect. That said, this isn't Six Flags, everybody doesn't get to ride. His ridiculous 40 yard time (4.3), absurd broad jump (11 feet), and ridonkulous vertical (40 inches) warranted him a look. Which is why he got a look. But the leg injury and the plethora of talent competing a WR made his departure inevitable.

I expect the Falcons to sign someone in the next day or two. The first cut down isn't for another week or so. And why wouldn't they bring in another camp body?

For now, I wish the kid luck. I don't think his career is over, but he's not going to play for the Falcons this year.

Thoughts? Jokes? Lucky lottery numbers? Discuss! Discuss now!