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The March Of The Undrafted Falcons Free Agents


How can a team—especially a perennial playoff team—possibly keep undrafted free agents on the roster? It's a question worth asking, I believe, because the Falcons are almost certainly going to do just that in 2012.

Look no further than the offense, where the fifth receiver spot is open for grabs and everyone competing is someone who came to the team as a UDFA. Look at tight end, where Michael Palmer has the backup spot sewn up and guys like Lamark Brown are competing for the third spot. Heck, look at quarterback, where Dominique Davis is making an incredible push for a roster spot.

On the defense, all I have to do is say the name Brent Grimes. You get it.

This only seems unusual if you're attached to the idea that only drafted players can have value. As it happens, there are players who teams overlook on the regular through the full seven rounds, guys who were from tiny schools or were too raw to make the draft. The Falcons are good at finding talent and cultivating it over the course of a couple of seasons or so.

There's a legitimate chance that the Falcons will carry a few this year, and I'll go on record predicting that Dominique Davis, Antone Smith, Kevin Cone/Drew Davis, Michael Palmer, Lamark Brown and Darrin Walls will make the final roster, in addition to Brent Grimes.

What's your prediction?