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Should the Falcons Rest Matt Ryan?

Fact: there's a reason JPW isn't in this picture
Fact: there's a reason JPW isn't in this picture

I know how much Falcoholics enjoy a late night discussion post, so here goes!

Apparently the Falcons brass think occasional rest for Matt Ryan during practice is beneficial. Ryan likes the idea, noting that it helps.

"Smitty was kind enough to give me a day to rest (10 days ago), which was good and it helps out," Ryan said. "We put it on a date after a day off so it was back to back days where I got two days of rest. Just kind of monitoring it."

We don't often think about it, but sixteen-week seasons take their toll on your throwing arm. I love Ryan, and I appreciate his durability, but he's human. MLB pitchers have their pitch count limited. In more ways than one, it makes sense to treat your franchise quarterback similarly. Obviously we're talking about far less repetitions, but as an NFL quarterback, the speed of your throws varies. I'm not a doctor, though I imagine that can leave your arm feeling like rubber. And there's no such thing as a reliever.

Simply stated, I support this idea. Get him his necessary reps, but keep that arm healthy. Anyone disagree?