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Falcons On The Bubble After The Ravens Game


It's a little early to say the axe is hanging heavy over anyone's head, but I thought we'd take a quick runner though who might be have seen their stock damaged after the first pre-season game.

That would be a short list, naturally. The entire backup offensive line looked only so-so, but you can't possibly cut all of them after one game. Nor would you want to, obviously.

If you'll join me after the jump, we'll take a quick jaunt through the players closest to the edge of the bubble.

John Parker Wilson: Didn't show much and watched Dominique Davis have a pretty nice game. The Falcons may only carry two quarterbacks, and Davis could be on the verge of edging out Wilson.

Robert McClain: His pick bought him some time, but McClain looked out of position, out of sorts and running out of time on almost every other play he was involved in.

Marty Markett, Darrin Walls, Peyton Thompson: None of them looked bad, per se, but the team may only carry five cornerbacks and these would seem to be the guys most likely to get cut. Call me crazy if you will.

Pat Schiller: His only significant play was a penalty, and there's not a ton of room at linebacker with Spencer Adkins probably locked in and Robert James distinguishing himself against all odds in the first game.

All the rookie tight ends: LaMark Brown dropped a nice pass and the others failed to distinguish themselves, as well. Nobody's distinguishing themselves, which means everybody's on the cusp.

Your thoughts on who's on the bubble?