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In Case You All Didn't Know, It's July 4th. What Are You Having?

This right here is the best thing ever.
This right here is the best thing ever.

Hey everybody, it's July 4th! And if you're as big a Falcons nerd as me, you're probably right here on this blog. July 4th is a great day to be grilling out and enjoying the weather, and if you're one of those people who's either unfortunate enough not to have a grill or just too....old-fashioned to own one, then find yourself a nice big rock and toss your raw steak right on it and I guarantee that thing'll be cooked within the hour.

It must be 605 degrees outside right now. You know how hot that is? Hot enough to cook a steak on a rock.

There's been some creative food and beverage choices here on the blog in recent memory, and I'd like to know what you all are going to be eating for the 4th. Do you treat it like a special NFL Sunday? Or do you go way hardcore and party like there's no tomorrow?

My dad has a rack of ribs he's going to be grilling up this evening, and he's going to be covering it in Honey Hickory BBQ Sauce. Unfortunately, there's no football to be had on this American holiday, so you'll just have to watch some baseball, the spot that has evidently become the biggest waste of time ever.

What's everyone having?