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The Atlanta Falcons And The Supplemental Draft

The mighty Atlanta Falcons probably will not dip into the supplemental draft. The team usually builds purely through a couple of free agent signings, a timely trade or two and the regular NFL Draft.

Just for fun, though, let's take a look at the prospects who will be available in the upcoming NFL Supplemental Draft. There's a couple of interesting guys the Falcons could take a look at, however unlikely it is that the team will wind up expending a 2013 draft pick on it.

After the jump, a quick look at the available prospects.

WR Josh Gordon: An incredibly talented wide receiver with a checkered past. Where have we heard this one before? The team will not expend a second-or-third round pick on a wide receiver, so forget this.

DB Quaylon Ewing-Burton: Removed from Boise State after his sophomore season. Has some raw talent but didn't show much in his college career, so teams are unlikely to expend a draft pick on him at all. Maybe a seventh.

FB Adam Harris: A fullback with an extensive concussion history. Again, a seventh-rounder at best.

OT Adrian Haughton: A fine run-blocker who hasn't played much football and hasn't distinguished himself. Again, at best, a seventh-round pick.

LB Larry Lumpkin: It's getting hard to find anything on guys like Lumpkin. He's a middle linebacker with decent size (6', 230 pounds), and I literally know nothing else about him. Late round pick again.

DE Montez Robinson: Robinson has been arrested multiple times and had other off-the-field issues. He has some talent, but I can't imagine a team is going to draft him.

WR Houston Tuminello: Has decent size and some talent, and could be a sleeper to go late as a possession receiver project.

RB Ed Wesley: Out of all the prospects in this supplemental draft, Wesley is the most intriguing sleeper. He doesn't have great size at 5'9" and 200 pounds, but he's clearly got some talent, and he left TCU because of family reasons, not legal troubles. The Falcons don't need a back, though.

So that's that. I'd guess not one of these guys is even really on the Falcons' radar. What do you think?