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Chris Hope Plans to Lead by Example

Fact: this isn't Chris Hope's favorite place to be
Fact: this isn't Chris Hope's favorite place to be

Don't expect Chris Hope to fade into the backdrop. No sir, he wants to help lead this team.

A Super Bowl champion with Pittsburgh in 2005, Hope has seen it all in the league and he knows he’s got a lot he can share with younger talent. As a second year player with the Steelers, he was asked to take players like Ike Taylor and Troy Polamalu under his guidance, so leading is nothing new to him.

"I’m an open book. Any question you ask me, anything I can help you with, anything that I see that I can make you that much better in," Hope will help with, he said. "It’s a learning process and it’s the competition that makes everyone better."

Look, Moore and DeCoud are capable, but they're young. Moore has struggled to stay healthy, and DeCoud wildly fluctuates between flashes of brilliance and head scratching miscues. Veteran leadership in that unit is exactly what we needed. And that's why Dimitroff went out and got it.