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A Wish For Training Camp: A Healthy Atlanta Falcons Team

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No, this is not newsworthy. It's just the heartfelt plea of a loyal Falcons fans to the Football Gods or the lord of fortune or whatever.

Now that Lofa Tatupu and Matt Hansen have gotten hurt--before training camp even started, no less--I feel it's my solemn duty to try to get some good juju working. The Falcons may have a poor pre-season and a few rocky spots along the way to training camp, but the most important thing of all is that the entire team stays healthy going into the season.

This is, of course, more easily said than done. Injuries are an inevitable part of camp and the pre-season, and notable injuries seem almost inevitable. Having already lost Tatupu, it feels real way too early.

More to the point, we've seen in the past what healthy Falcons team are capable of, which under the current regime has been at least a playoff berth. It was only the 2009 season, with its Matt Ryan and Michael Turner injuries, when the Falcons couldn't quite get there. I don't want to see a repeat of that.

Please join me in sending your positive energies to your deities of choice. It may not do any good, but we gotta try.