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The Falcons' Most Important Backup

Fact: Rodgers' head and torso are basically the same size
Fact: Rodgers' head and torso are basically the same size

Bleacher Report's Scott Carasick penned an interesting read yesterday. He argues that Biermann, Rodgers, Douglas, Tatupu, and Robinson are the Falcons' five most important backups. While I respect his list, I tend to disagree with his conclusions.

And - in case you're curious - here's my list:

(5) Hawley

(4) Biermann

(3) Snelling

(2) Douglas

(1) Rodgers

I don't consider Tatupu or Robinson backups. Tatupu - assuming he can get past the pectoral injury - will either start or play as part of a rotation of some sort. Given Nolan's commitment to the big nickel, Robinson will get a lot more defensive snaps than your average backup. And to that effect, Robinson may get the nod over Samuels or Grimes on obvious running downs or against run-heavy offenses.

Rodgers tops my list because he'll be an essential part of our screen game. And if Turner's carries are dropping, someone has to shoulder that load.

Here's where you come in. What does your list look like? Who tops your list? Why?

Get to it y'all!