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The Best Kicker In Atlanta Falcons History

I hope you like legs.

We're now on to special teams, starting with kickers. The Falcons have had a living legend on their roster and a few quality kickers besides, so this ought to be a fun one. The choice, I think, is pretty obvious here.

Nonetheless, this will be determined by your votes. Sharpen your mouses and get to clicking!

QB Matt Ryan
RB William Andrews
FB Ovie Mughelli
WR Roddy White
WR2 Andre Rison
TE Tony Gonzalez
T Mike Kenn
T2 Bob Whitfield
G Bill Fralic
G2 Robbie Tobeck
C Jeff Van Note

DE Claude Humphrey
DE John Abraham
DT Jon Babineaux
DT Rod Coleman
LB Jessie Tuggle
LB Tommy Nobis
LB Keith Brooking
CB Deion Sanders
S Scott Case
S Ray Easterling