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The Best Safety In Atlanta Falcons History

We're now up to our last non-special teams position on the roster. It's time to select the greatest Falcons who weren't kicking, punting, or returning kicks or punts. Huzzah!

There's one easy-to-identify Falcons great on this list and a handful of quality players. You'll be picking the best two safeties in team history through your voting, and we're not separating by free versus strong.

A quick note: I went with Falcons who had some tenure, which is why you're not seeing guys like Eugene Robinson and Lawyer Milloy on this list. I hope you will somehow survive this decision.

Vote, darn you. VOTE.

QB Matt Ryan
RB William Andrews
FB Ovie Mughelli
WR Roddy White
WR2 Andre Rison
TE Tony Gonzalez
T Mike Kenn
T2 Bob Whitfield
G Bill Fralic
G2 Robbie Tobeck
C Jeff Van Note

DE Claude Humphrey
DE John Abraham
DT Jon Babineaux
DT Rod Coleman
LB Jessie Tuggle
LB Tommy Nobis
LB Keith Brooking
CB Deion Sanders
CB Ray Buchanan