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The Best Outside Linebacker In Atlanta Falcons History

It's time we moved back from the defensive line and on to linebacker. Huzzah!

Unlike middle linebacker, where there's one of the greatest Falcons of all-time and a couple of guys who have legitimate arguments for that title, as well, outside linebacker's a little slim. I couldn't count Keith Brooking because he played more games inside than outside. Sean Weatherspoon just hasn't played long enough. And there's a long list of guys who played only a handful of years in Atlanta, which makes it tough to add them to the list.

Yet we're going to pick two. Put on your voting caps and choose the greatest Falcons outside linebackers ever.

QB Matt Ryan
RB William Andrews
FB Ovie Mughelli
WR Roddy White
WR2 Andre Rison
TE Tony Gonzalez
T Mike Kenn
T2 Bob Whitfield
G Bill Fralic
G2 Robbie Tobeck
C Jeff Van Note
DE John Abraham
DE Claude Humphrey