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The Best Defensive End In Atlanta Falcons History

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This ought to be a good one.

There have been a few illustrious players in Atlanta Falcons history at the defensive end position, to say the least. Whether your tastes run more modern or you dig the wayback machine, you can probably find a player who is, if not Hall of Fame caliber, a multiple Pro Bowl selection. The Falcons have done well here.

For that reason alone, this ought to be a fun one to vote on. The top two vote-getters will form our end tandem, so vote for the guy you think was best and we'll roll on from there.

Vote away!

QB Matt Ryan
RB William Andrews
FB Ovie Mughelli
WR Roddy White
WR2 Andre Rison
TE Tony Gonzalez
T Mike Kenn
T2 Bob Whitfield
G Bill Fralic
G2 Robbie Tobeck
C Jeff Van Note