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Gerald Brown Says Offense Can Be Effective With Reduced Turner Role

Next, Turner will carry Roddy White into the end zone for a score.
Next, Turner will carry Roddy White into the end zone for a score.

Our good friend Jay Adams over at the mothership had a chance to interview Gerald Brown, the RB coach for the Falcons.

It's a pretty neat interview. I don't think anything is said that we didn't already know, except for that there's just another confirmation that Mularkey wanted nothing to do with screens. Brown says something to the effect of "We're committed to the screen game now" which is almost silly to think that you wouldn't be committed to something like that in today's NFL.

Anywho, he compliments Quizz's ability to come in and contribute, especially with no offseason work. Julio pretty much said it was "Julio, go deep" for most of the season, but Quizz had to learn how to block certain ways on certain plays, as well as run the no-huddle and whatnot. It's pretty impressive, to say the least.

However, one burning question remains for me. There seems to be a notion that Turner doesn't have as much wear and tear as most 30 year old running backs, but is that true? He runs a battering ram kind of style and he's had a ton of carries over the past 4 years. Is it possible he's wearing down? Maybe, but hopefully a reduced load will let him stay strong throughout the whole season, and hopefully it will allow guys like Snelling and Quizz to get their fair share of highlights in the new offense.