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Backup QB Roulette: Donovan McNabb?

McNabb looks happy. We should be happy, too.
McNabb looks happy. We should be happy, too.

So Donovan McNabb says he's about "80 or 90 percent" sure he'll be returning next year, and since we're always in the mood to talk about who would be our best backup quarterback, I thought I'd throw McNabb's name into the hat. He says he's looking at three teams right now, and while he wouldn't name the teams, I'm sure that the Falcons probably are not one of them.

However, that doesn't take away from what McNabb could bring to the table. Not only does he have experience, he has playoff experience - and lots of it. In his prime, he was a pretty good quarterback who lead the Eagles for many a year. Now, he'd probably just be a serviceable backup who could play a game or two if an injury were to occur to Matty.

Despite McNabb's previous successes, he's fallen off so much in recent years that I don't think it would cause a QB controversy in Atlanta because we all know Matt Ryan is #1 in pretty much everyone's reasonable hearts now. I doubt Matt would complain either, as someone like McNabb could offer valuable insight as to what it takes to win a playoff game (Brian Westbrook, am I right?)

On a side note, seems to me that small, shifty, fast backs are the way to win games. Someone call Koetter and tell him we have one of those.

How would you feel if McNabb were brought in to be a backup for us?