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The Falcons Won't Go Near Ochocinco

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Fact: this guy isn't going to be a Falcon
Fact: this guy isn't going to be a Falcon

Some of you read yesterday's Yahoo Sport's article by Hobson Lopes. He argues that the Falcons should sign Chad Ochocinco. Hobson is a Falcons fan. And he writes for Yahoo Sports. Respect. But he's wronger than Dave in bike shorts.

First of all, I don't buy the whole "New England's offense is complicated!" argument. These are professional football players, and Ochocinco is an established veteran. He has regressed, and that's why he sucked last year.

Second, the Falcons don't roll like that. We were patient with Babs when he was charged with marijuana possession, but that's because he kept his nose to the grindstone. His personality made the story a non-story in a very short period of time. Roddy tweets like a thirteen-year-old crack addict, but he never says anything negative about the team, the coaches, or the way he's used. Put differently, he only acts a fool on his own time.

Third, we will have a lot of receiving talent in camp this July. Douglas has underwhelmed until now, though his flashes of brilliance have me encouraged. Calvin, Rodgers, Pearcy, Cone, Davis, Meier, and Stafford will fight to the death for the fourth and fifth receiver jobs.

Bottom line: it's not going to happen. It shouldn't happen. And it won't.

Let's move on.