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Can We Screen Pass Like Whoa?

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Fact: Peter Konz can vogue with the best of them
Fact: Peter Konz can vogue with the best of them

Like whoa? Like whoa! 2008-2012? Not like whoa. Not at all.

Matt Ryan managed only 68 screen pass yards last year. Rank? 32nd. Worst in the league. Yikes.

Here's what I'm wondering: notwithstanding our commitment to the screen pass, how well can we implement it? Sure, we have Quizz and Snelling. They're both capable receivers. And contrary to popular opinion, Turner can catch the rock if needed. We also have Roddy, Gonzalez, and Jones, all capable blockers.

The problem is our offensive line. They have to execute their blocking schemes to perfection. And by most standards, they are one of the biggest question marks on this team. Our screen passing ability will fall squarely on their shoulders. If you don't think that's scary, then I have a hockey mask-wearing, butcher knife-toting psychopath you should meet.

As always, I'm curious what y'all think. Should we be worried?

Comment early and often folks.