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Can We Resemble the Green Bay Packers? And Should We?

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Fact: this is Deuce - not Aaron Rodgers
Fact: this is Deuce - not Aaron Rodgers

Quick discussion post for y'all this evening.

There's been a lot of talk during OTAs about the Falcons' evolving offense. No surprise there. Rumbles about our vanilla approach were commonplace last season. Mularkey's approach was super predictable and it wore on everyone's nerves. With the addition of Koetter and the likely progression of some of our younger guys on offense, it's safe to say that we'll put a far more dynamic team on the field in 2012.

Ryan isn't Rodgers. He doesn't have the same elusiveness and he can't make the same throws. That said, with time, we might be able to resemble the Packers. And I wouldn't hate on that one bit. It's hard to imagine right now. It's unfathomable that the six or seven Falcons would have receptions in a given game. But it's possible. Moreover, it seems like we're trending in that direction. Or at least trying to.

What are your thoughts? Can we resemble the Packers? Do we need to? What will that take? And is that what we're shooting for?