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Brent Grimes To Play Right Cornerback

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The Atlanta Falcons are trying something new with their cornerbacks this year. Considering they added Asante Samuel this off-season, that was more or less inevitable.

In his five years with the Atlanta Falcons, Brent Grimes has primarily played left cornerback. That often matches him up against the opposing team's top wide receiver, but even when it doesn't, Grimes has excelled on that side of the field. He's a terrific cornerback, period, but that's been the side he's been called upon to lock down.

That will change in 2012. Samuel has been added and has played more or less his entire career at left cornerback, and the Falcons aren't about to move him out of his comfort zone. That means Grimes will shift to the other side of the field, and it means Dunta Robinson will move into the slot.

After the jump, the impact of this move.

The impact will likely be negligible. Grimes played portions of four games at right cornerback in 2009 and did about as well as usual. It's an adjustment, yes, but Grimes is good enough to make the change.

The biggest concern will be the first couple of games of the season, when the group is all adjusting to new roles and will have only had practices and pre-season games to get used to it. Samuel has a new team, Grimes is switching sides and Dunta is playing inside specifically for the first time in years. There's enough talent here that it shouldn't matter overmuch, but making changes does have an effect.

Ultimately, though, the changes should be for the better. Robinson's physicality will play well inside, Samuel is comfortable on the left and Grimes should be great anywhere. I think the team will benefit.

What do you think of the shifting in the cornerbacking corps?