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Are Smith and Koetter on the Same Page?

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Fact: Mike Smith flies high above the mucky muck in a castle made of clouds
Fact: Mike Smith flies high above the mucky muck in a castle made of clouds

We covered Smith's likely relationship with the defensive coordinator yesterday. This topic seems like a logical follow up. And sure, it's all shameless speculation. But it's the off-season! Y'all want content, and we're here to deliver.

Smith has stressed a pound the rock approach in his tenure. Koetter brings a different dynamic. We've heard that Koetter will stretch the field often in the coming year. I'm looking forward to that. It is a passing league, and if we don't adapt, a Lombardi will always elude us.

In the Smith + Nolan discussion from last night, some folks said Smith hired Nolan. Those folks would probably say the same thing about Smith + Koetter. But let's be honest folks, while the head coach is more-often-than-not involved in the hiring process, he's not driving the bus. He's just not.

Smith had this to say about Koetter after his hire:

"He is bright, he understands the intricacies of the vertical passing game, but he also wants to be able to run the football which is very important in the NFL"

"I look forward to working with Dirk and have tremendous confidence that he will be a great addition to our team and our coaching staff"

He was supportive. Surprise alert! It was expected. Why wouldn't he show support? But notice how Smith envisioned Koetter's role. He doesn't want this team to get away from the running game, and they don't necessarily have to. How many unnecessary slants did Mike Mularkey call last year? Replace those slants with some deep balls. Be a little less predictable. Throw in some screen passes for good measure. That is what Smith wants. But what if Koetter doesn't give it to him? There could be conflict.

To be frank, I don't envision that scenario, and I expect them to get along just fine. Koetter was Baltimore's offensive coordinator in 2007, so there's some history here. It's an interesting topic nonetheless.

What are your thoughts? Discuss!