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Peria Jerry Is Not Taking Corey Peters' Job

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This time of year, speculation runs wild. If I were to parry and counter every semi-crazy thing that came out of blogs, news and carrier pigeon, I'd be writing sixty posts a day. That's only a mild exaggeration.

This one's worth spending a moment on, though, because it involves fan favorite whipping boy Peria Jerry. Justin Blanchard at Bleacher Report postulates that the Corey Peters Injury—from now on, I plan to refer to it as if it were a Jason Bourne novel—might be the ticket Jerry needs for the train back to relevancy.

After the jump, let's look at why this is unlikely to happen, at least in the way Blanchard describes it.

Blanchard's argument is a reasonable one on the face of it. He's basically saying that with Peters down for a few weeks, Jerry has a chance to try to seize his starting job.

Surely the coaching staff wouldn't mind seeing Jerry step up in a big way, and in Mike Smith's offense, the guy who starts the game isn't necessarily even the guy who gets the most snaps. It's not the most outlandish premise in the world, but it's simply not happening.

Peters has become the team's best defensive tackle, as I mentioned when we talked about his injury last week. He can do a little bit of everything, has gotten better each year he's been in the NFL and basically has a starting spot locked down for these Falcons.

Jerry? Jerry's got the pure talent, but I'm not sure he's ever going to be the same physically after gruesomely wrecking his knee in his rookie season. For him to seize the fast track to the starting job in a month, in mostly non-contact practices, would basically defy logic. Unless he's somehow fully recovered and leveled up in the skill category, he simply shouldn't and won't beat Peters out for a starting gig.

Do you think Jerry has any chance of surpassing Peters?