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The Golden Question: Why Cody Pearcy?

As some of you may remember, Cody Pearcy was my surprise UDFA to make an impact on the team this year. So imagine my surprise when I found out that Pearcy was waived recently.

Since it's late and there isn't a whole lot to discuss this hour, I'm going to leave this as a discussion question. Why was Cody Pearcy waived for Chris Hope? Is it a tactical move to make other teams think Pearcy isn't very good so we can snatch him up at another time? Is it because Pearcy's freak athleticism didn't show up on the field? Is it because the world IS actually ending in December and the Falcons just wanted to make us scratch our heads and ask this question?

Or could it be because James Rodgers is a boss? I personally don't know, but waiving Pearcy instead of the myriad of other players on the team puzzles me.

Discuss, if you wish.