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Are Smith and Nolan on the Same Page?

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Fact: Smitty left the safari hat at home last week
Fact: Smitty left the safari hat at home last week

I'd think so. I'd hope so. They're both named Mike. And that's cool. But you never know.

As he rose through the coaching ranks, Mike Smith's bread and butter was defense. He played linebacker in college. He helped groom Baltimore's history-making LB corps in the early 2000s. Making ball carriers cry is the cheese to his macaroni.

Remember, Smith and Nolan have some interesting history. Nolan preceded Smith as Baltimore's defensive coordinator. They were on the same staff. Smith basically worked for Nolan. Nolan sucked as a head coach. Smith does not.

Smith had this to say immediately after the Nolan hire:

"Mike Nolan is an established coordinator in this league"

"Mike has a history of developing physically intimidating defensive units, and we are fortunate to have him join our staff"

Look, I'm sure Smith and Nolan sat down for tea and crumpets. They argued vehemently about who our big nickel would be. They discussed the merits of safari hats. They're buds. But some of my most intense arguments are with good friends.

Let me be clear, this is all speculation. Best case scenario, Nolan makes us forget BVG's mustache. Worst case scenario, Smith and Nolan don't see eye-to-eye and stuff gets weird.

What are your thoughts?