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Julio Jones Poised For Breakout Season; Karma Bites Mularkey

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Little bit of news for you all this evening.

We already knew Julio Jones was going to end up in the "Beast" category, but now the whole world might be thinking that, too. ESPN's John Clayton lists Julio Jones as his Number 1 breakout player for 2012. The gallery is the list. I couldn't get a straight link, which was weird. It was more of an image gallery with explanations. It's a pretty awesome honor, considering Clayton is one of the more renowned writers in professional sports, and he's been around the NFL for longer than I've been alive.

Certainly a good sign for those who weren't sure about Julio, if there are any of those left. Further reinforcing my poke at Julio haters, Justin Blackmon was arrested for DUI. He blew a .24 on the breathalyzer, which is three times the legal limit. Anyone wishing we'd traded up for Blackmon? Didn't think so. Also, this could be a sign of karma against ol' MM, signifying that he was probably screwing us over more than we ever knew.

Plus, Blackmon says that that's not him, etc. etc. even though that's not his first DUI charge.

Needless to say, I'm glad we have Julio.