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Samuel L. Jackson Is A Huge Falcons Fan

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We've all seen the "Rise Up" commercials featuring the famous Samuel L. Jackson over and over the past two seasons. I hope you enjoy them, because he'll be back on our televisions in 2012.

Jay Adams recently wrote about his interview with the actor, citing Jackson's comments calling himself a "huge fan" of the Falcons. He seems to enjoy the fact that the new motto he helped implement for the Dirty Birds has really caught on.

"It's great that we've created a new tradition for the team and the fans that lends some sort of enthusiasm to the city and the fanbase, and hopefully the players embrace it."

Jackson will star in a new commercial that will "begin airing in a few weeks." Personally I love the "Rise Up" tradition that has emerged in recent years. Everyone seems to get on board with it, promoting a sense of unity among Atlanta fans.

It feels good to know Jackson is a real fan of this franchise. The Falcons don't get much credit from any media outlet. They aren't the most popular team, and they don't get recognized as much as they should. Good thing Samuel L has our back.