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The Brothers Rodgers

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I actually don't know if this has ever happened before, but our own James Rodgers is one player closer to making the final roster, which means that he has a chance to be on the same NFL team as his brother, Quizz. He certainly fits the Eric Weems mold in that he's a small guy who can play receiver and is probably pretty feisty.

He's been getting reps at KR already this year, and certainly the fact that his brother Quizz is on the team has to help his case. In fact, Quizz went on a Twitter rant during minicamps about how his brother refused to stop asking him questions about everything.

James Rodgers could make the final roster, which got me thinking....have two brothers ever been on the same NFL team before? Or even the same professional team in one of the big three sports? We've seen things like Griffey Sr. and Griffey Jr. playing together before, but two brothers? I can't say I know of any first hand.

Perhaps the best tennis doubles team of all time is American twin brothers Bob and Mike Bryan, who dominated doubles tennis for quite some time and continue to do so.

There are also The Brothers Grimm, which I thought was a pretty good movie, but that's not sports related.

So I did a little research and from what I gathered, the only brothers in the NFL to play on the same team in recent memory are Jordan/Carson Palmer and Rob/Dan Gronkowski. Jordan Palmer and Dan Gronk have both pretty much done nothing in the League, so we'll have the first two brothers to be useful to a team, if, of course, James makes the final roster.

The Palmer and Gronk brothers are also no longer on the same team.

So there's your tidbit of knowledge for this afternoon. Everyone have a fantastic evening!