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Which Falcon Would You Refuse To Trade?

Old picture is old.
Old picture is old.

Apologies if we've talked about this before. Only so much to talk about these days, I'm afraid. Alright, here's the challenge, Of all the Falcons except for Matt Ryan, which player do you feel like is the most "untradeable", as if you ranked every Falcon's trade value, which one would you be the least willing to part with?

For me, the easy answer is Julio Jones. I say that because he's only shown just a little bit of what he's capable of and defenses will soon learn that he is actually the Juggernaut.

HOWEVER, Julio is not my Falcon of highest trade value. (Untradeable is now a word. I don't care what people tell you) My most untradeable Falcon is actually Brent Grimes. Yes, good old Optimus Grimes. The reason for that is that our offense can and has functioned without Julio at a pretty solid level. One thing that decided to stop functioning last year was our secondary, and that was due to Grimetime having some injury issues.

No Grimes means Dunta has to go back outside, where he's had middling success, and causes one of the youngsters (are they even young anymore?) to have to come into the ball game, where we still don't really know what we have.

No Julio means we just throw to HD and Gonzo more. Not like we haven't done that before. Yeah, the offense isn't the same, but look at what we did in 2010.

Grimetime is a fan favorite and certainly one of the better DBs in the whole league. Without him, our defense just isn't the same. We could probably live without Julio, but that's like living without candy. It's not happening.

Who's your most "untradeable" Falcon?