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Buying The Falcons Offense

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Fact: Julio Jones will be leaving defenders behind a lot in 2012.
Fact: Julio Jones will be leaving defenders behind a lot in 2012.

Despite the lack of attention the Falcons typically receive, more analysts are beginning to jump on the Atlanta bandwagon. We haven't seen a single snap from the new offense, and already I'm seeing more people buy into what they've put together than ever before.

Gregg Rosenthal of gives four reasons as to why we should all buy the hype surrounding the Falcons offense, and all of his points are spot on. Here's his list:

1) Julio Jones - That's it, just No. 11. Rosenthal wrote about Jones a couple days ago, basically saying he's ready to be a stud. It's tough to disagree with anyone praising Julio these days. He's a freak, and I think we're all more than anxious to see what he'll do this year. If he stays healthy for all 16 games, he will put up ridiculous stats.

2) Receiver depth - Julio and Roddy are clearly the first two names that come to mind when discussing the Falcons passing game, but football fans outside of this area don't exactly know what other weapons lie in store. HD has another year under his belt after having major surgery, and he's now getting nominations for breakout player of year. Tony G is still going to be a force to be reckoned with, and Quizz provides yet another spark. There are so many ways for Matt Ryan to hurt opposing defenses.

3) Coordinator change - This one is the big no-brainer. They have a new approach, more creativity (we hope) and the promise of that patented vertical passing attack. Koetter must be absolutely thrilled about having a good offense for once. Sorry, Jacksonville.

4) More no huddle - I've heard varying views on this topic, but apparently Rosenthal believes No. 2 can hurt you the most by calling the shots at the line. Ryan is more experienced now with this hurry-up business, and he should have more freedom with his new OC.

These four points are hard to argue with. I'm sure you've read all kinds of articles by now about what to think about the Falcons offense, but we can all agree it's going to be one dangerous group.