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Where Would You Have Put Matt Ryan On The Top 100 List?

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A little followup to Dave's FanShot about Bill Barnwell's excellent article; Matt Ryan clearly will not make the top 100 list on, as voted on by the players.

Not a whole lot has gone on this week with the Falcons, so I thought I'd get a little input from you guys to see where you think Matt Ryan SHOULD be on the Top 100 list.

The thing with lists like these is that I think players tend to not realize the value of players they don't face very often. For instance, the AFC North probably wouldn't know how good Matt Ryan is compared to how well the NFC South players might know, so when it comes to voting, they'll probably stick to more players that they know rather than players that they don't. It'd probably go something like, "Hmm....I know Brady, Brees, and Rodgers are all good, then I'll draw a football on the rest of the answers and let them deal with it."

Football Outsiders has Matt Ryan as their 7th best QB in both DYAR and DVOA. I personally think 7th is about right for my good old eyeball test. Comparing that to the NFL's top 100 list, that nestles him somewhere between Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. Any Panthers fan that isn't delusional is going to tell you that for one, Cam Newton is not better than Peyton Manning and for two, Cam Newton, as of 4:43 pm EST on June 26th, is not better than Matt Ryan.

So I piddled around and looked at the players between 40-65 and came to the conclusion that there's somewhat of a talent shift around Patrick Peterson at #55. Look at it as going from "good" to "really good" (in most cases) in terms of talent. I feel like that's about where Matt Ryan should sit, so in my mind Matt Ryan is about #56. That puts him ahead of Michael Vick, who isn't what he used to be, and right around Phillip Rivers, who hasn't been as good lately.

In my humble opinion, that seems about right for good old Matty Ice. Instead, he gets nothing and is lower than Tebow.

Where would you put Matt Ryan on your top 100 list?