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Roddy White Praises Receivers

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I'd be willing to bet you couldn't tell who this was if he didn't have #71 on.
I'd be willing to bet you couldn't tell who this was if he didn't have #71 on.

Roddy White kept it clean and short when asked to describe this year's group of wide receivers in Falcons' minicamps.

"We look real good right now, I’m not going to lie," White said of the offense on Wednesday during Atlanta’s minicamp. "The past three or four years, this is the best I’ve been around since I’ve been here and seen the cumulative group on the field."

He went on to praise the work of all the receivers in camp. Now that Julio is a known hot commodity in the NFL, Dirk Koetter's offense could soon turn into the Harry/Kerry show as HD continues to impress and Kerry Meier shows that he's still got some life in him after his ACL recovery.

Another great aspect of Koetter's offense is that he's allowing player input. I can't even begin to tell you how great that is, since the players are (obviously) the ones out on the field and can offer perspectives on individual players. For instance, Julio gets sent to Revis Island and Julio says, "I can outmuscle this guy" then Koetter might call some plays that let Julio do just that.

I'm tellin' you, guys. This team's not receiving a whole bunch of media love right now, but as soon as we fly to KC, I think we're going to show teams we're more than just a force to be reckoned with.