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Free Agent You Have Your Eyes On

Fact: this guy doesn't want us to sign any safeties
Fact: this guy doesn't want us to sign any safeties

At this time of year, there's a ridiculous amount of "we should sign Player X!" commentary. Some suggestions are just nonsensical. Others have merit, at least on some level.

There's no harm in suggesting that we should look at free agents. It isn't in-and-of-itself a bad idea, especially when you aren't convinced that the current roster can get it done. For whatever reason, a portion of the Falcons fan base doesn't think this roster can get it done. I disagree.

In my opinion, the Falcons don't really need or want to add any free agents at this point. We could use some safety depth, but it's not like there's an influx of no brainers hanging out there. There are question marks surrounding our offensive line, but I'm eager to see what Pat Hill can do with young talent.

As always, we at The Falcoholic like to encourage discourse. Talk it out. And play nice. If you don't, Dave will make you stand in the corner.

Ready? Set? Go!